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Delta Force - Tactical

TACTICAL ˈtaktɪkl/ - adjective A tactical move is one that is carefully planned and often small in scale, but important in getting control of an area. Tactical comes from the Greek taktike techne meaning "art of arrangement." When something is tactical, it is artfully arranged, or planned...

Welcome to the workshop.

All the planning, designing,  manufacturing, adjustments, some more planning, fine-tuning, and finally the end product, happens here!

In our workshop, we work hard to design and manufacture accessories and necessities for PCP air rifles for you to play hard. We've found it to be a community, where outsized passion meets obsessive precision.

You can feel the buzzing energy of a Maker's Space, dedicated to crafting objects of intent and of precision.

About Delta Force

In the bustling city of Pretoria, Delta Force has been a bustling hub of innovation and quality for the past five years. What started as a niche service for PCP Air Rifle enthusiasts, has flourished into an internationally recognized name.

Delta Force is a leading provider of custom, tactical PCP air rifle and small-caliber gun accessories, with a mission to equip enthusiasts with high-quality gear that enhances their gameplay experience.

As a team of experienced professionals, we design and manufacture a wide range of innovative accessories that cater to the unique needs of tactical players. From custom rails and gear conversion attachments to specialized silencers, our products are crafted with precision and durability in mind. Trust Delta Force to deliver top-notch accessories that give you an edge on the battlefield.

Our mission?

Sure, to make accessories that enhance and improve; but more importantly: to craft objects with intent, quality, and care

The Future is Custom

At Delta Force, we provide personalised customisation services too. Balancing unique, personalised equipment with scalable product batches as required, we bring intrinsic value to each piece, and have the ability and skill to produce your vision for as large -or small audience as yuou desire. Our collaborative approach allows us to form lasting relationships with our clients, turning every project into a journey of discovery, learning, and experimentation.

Ready to elevate your experience?

Have a look at our ever-expanding product range, or set up a meeting for a custom-made masterpiece.

Let's create something extraordinary together. Connect with us on social media and be part of our innovative journey.

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